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THUNDER TOYS™ is a world leading brand of RC toys commercialized in the following countries: Spain, Portugal, and Poland and with future expanding programs in the Czech Republic and Austria.

Thunder toys are held by

Among their line of RC toys you can find RC helicopters, RC stunt cars, RC cars, RC plans, RC flying fish and more…

All products are focused in the TOYS line and the not the RC hobby which is the professional rc toys which are obviously much more expensive and in most of the cases requiring more skills in operation and functioning aspect.

However lately the company has begun to develop new line of RC helicopter which can perform in most areas equally to the hobby similar model in this case the line will be limited to a 4ch RC helicopter.


The company is investing a lot of efforts in the R&D following the endless seeking for the best quality and the latest innovations in the market.

in the last few years the RC toys has become a highly demand product due to an enormous exposure to the consumers in the different shopping centers and outlet in where the consumers could finally realize that those toys are everyone heart wish and on the same time easy to handle.


The main problems this segment has experiences is a low quality items especially those RC toys that required to fly.

Many manufacturers are saving on the row material and using low quality materials in order to save cost and the outcome is a product that will not last long.


The constant motto of the THUNDER TOYS brand is to eliminate this bed consumer experience to zero by thinking “quality first”.

going with this way of thinking has gained the brand with an outstanding repeating clientele that knows that once buying an RC thunder toys product they will be 100% satisfied.

The company will continue to grow under those principals and will present in the HK TOYS FAIR in HONG KONG 2013 and in the GIFT AND CRAFT FAIR in Brazil Aug. 2012.

For more info visit the web:


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April 30, 2012 at 11:52 am

The latest innovations in the RC toys

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November 19, 2011 at 9:47 am

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open an rc toys cart / stand

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The coolest thing yet when it comes to today’s RC toys.

Most people are unaware of the magic these toys have to offer. When people see a helicopter the size of their hands flying like it was a real helicopter they flip out.  Crowds gather around the cart just to get the front row seat to the helicopter flying show.

The beauty in this market is that it advances every year.  The products are always innovative, always utilizing the latest technologies, always adapting to the demand.

It all started many years ago with the remote control and advanced through the years to stunt cars, 2 channel, 3 channel, 4 channel helicopters, flying trucks, flying birds, mobile phone operated toys and many more existing and future advances..

These eye-catching products are guaranteed to attract crowds and increase profitability.  Operating an RC Toys stand that demonstrates the magic and functionality of the product is a winning concept, one that can be extremely profitable.

Our Thunder Toys line is the extract of those mega sellers.  They offer the latest designs combined with the best quality and most advanced features available.

The initial investment is small and the reward is big; in fact, the ROI (Return On Investment) is the quickest in the entire retail market.

These types of products are year round sellers and are popular amongst all ages. Our experience has shown that the parents will usually buy them claiming it’s for the child but eventually the child will have to fight them hard to get that remote control out of their hands.

Contact us now for any assistance you need in starting your own RC cart.

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June 18, 2011 at 7:59 pm

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The search for next best seller

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Finding that one product that will be a “best seller” or the way we like to call it a “shlager”

Shlager it’s a word that was and being used usually for the best hits in the music.

We are always on the run always in the search for that next item for that top product an unbeatable concept, that one single thing that will leave our client magnetized and without the ability to refuse purchasing that.

To be creative, first and fast.

15-20 years ago when a new product was being launched into the market it had is “respect” or lets better name it “shelve life” and the changes were very slow, we’ve been watching video with tapes for more than 2 decades until the dvd has arrived, and we were using our dvd for more than a decade until the replacement has arrived…..but between the plasma, lcd, led, 3d the time gap has changed and it changed dramatically.

Nowadays while innovations in the retail industry can be measured by the day , every day that we are not in the front line of the market we might find ourselves far behind. 

In order to maintain our business, so that our clients could always trust that we are standing in the front we need to stay sharped, alerted to the changes in the industry while making sure our business is moving together with them.

We can take it to each and every one of the fields we are dealing with in “shlagers”, if it’s the rc toys which is constantly developing, or the cell phone accessories line which is always on the move and a new model is out every day, or our hair straighteners line which has gone through major technology changes in the last few years, its everywhere, the iPhone 1,2,3,4 and soon to be 5, 6, 7…the ipad 1,2 and soon to be 3,4,5 its always there and we are always on the run.

We are here to assure that you will be there, in the front line with the latest “shlager” the retail market has to offer and that you will surprise and won’t be surprised.

we at offering the top retail sellers that with a small initial investmnet will alow you to be the owner of your own business wherever you choose in the world.

contact us today! 


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June 1, 2011 at 7:21 am

First steps for establish a stand/ push cart!

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You’ve decided to be a stand owner; well you made the right choice! The basic steps you need to do in order to make sure you will have a success.

  1. A winning product- something the eye will catch, new, fresh.
  2. Margin- at least a multiply of 4 times, without you won’t survive, you might make a living but we assume you look for more.
  3. Design: both the products and the stand should be designed accordingly, don’t save on that, if your product looks good and the total image of your stand as well , you will be able to ask for a better price and the people would love to pay.
  4. Employees, if they sit on the chair your product will “sit” as well on the stand, something you can avoid with a good training and a good awarding program, motivate them to sell, whatever it is you are selling it will be sold much better if your employess are Seeing Eye to eye with you.
  5. Demonstration: if your product can be demonstrate to the client then do it, don’t wait till it will sell itself it will be 10 times better if you will show his qualities.
  6. Refresh: for the annual term you should always look to change and renovate your line of products, don’t stand still.

We at are professional consulters in all that is related to establish and managing your stand/rmu’s/cart/kiosk etc’..

Contact us for further assistant.

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June 1, 2011 at 7:05 am

sourcing the world for the search of the ultimate mall

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This world is huge and for those of you who are not afraid of travelling and exploring you might just have the business opportunity to become the Columbus of the next shopping mall for your stand.

So we know that the market in usa and Canada also England and maybe Portugal is already reached to the maximum capacity and that among those places in every shopping center the competition for the space and for being the first to bring a certain product is huge and it getting harder and harder to surprise the market and to be first or even second or third, but……

But when it comes to many other countries you might find a great VIRGIN market for all of those specialty retail products that has been already proved and tested as a success in all the main markets.

If a visitor from this industry will see the malls in Spain he will suddenly feel as Columbus felt when he discovered America, a land of opportunity and why that is:

There are more than 600 shopping malls and only few of them knows what is a stand, rmus push cart kiosk and if they do they have been exposed only to a 10% of the products this market has to offer, and Spain is just the beginning, endless countries, regions that has been lefts behind without any reasonable excuse just like that


Go explore don’t dream be a maker

At  we can do for you a market research for any country you will choose worldwide.


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June 1, 2011 at 6:57 am

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